What do Optometrists do?

Optometrists in New Zealand are qualified and equipped to provide a comprehensive range of primary eye care services:

  • Refractive testing and comprehensive vision examinations
  • Prescription of glasses or contact lenses
  • Assessment, management and referrals of ocular emergencies
  • Assessment and treatment of vision problems in children
  • Co-management and primary care monitoring of patients with ongoing eye conditions
  • Primary eye care for management of patients with diabetes, including dilated fundus examination
  • Visual acuity testing, slit lamp examination, visual fields testing
  • Removal of embedded corneal foreign bodies
  • Assessment and reporting for fitness to drive; credentialed optometrists are also able to undertake examinations for aviation licensing on behalf of CAA

Therapeutically-endorsed optometrists are qualified and equipped to:

  • Examine, treat or refer patients with ocular disease, superficial infection and anterior eye disease
  • Triage and treat or facilitate management of 'red eye'
  • Triage and manage ocular emergencies and embedded corneal foreign bodies
  • Provide primary care and prescription treatment for conditions such as dry eye and allergy
  • Assess/monitor and treat glaucoma in conjunction with ophthalmologists
  • Provide after-care for cataract and refractive surgery
  • Assess and treat infections or complications arising from contact lens use